This is otomads.com and I’ll introduce our Otomad Library Project.

  • What is the Otomad Library Project?
    This is a project which encourages our users to reupload the otomads which have been deleted by Niconico Douga or Bilibili Douga for some reasons, to our site, otomads.com .
  • Then when will project be put on hold?
    The project will start at 8/25 5:00 am (CEST) and it will end at 9/8 5:00 am (CEST).
  • I’m not the author of the otomads which have been deleted, can I reupload them?
    Yes, you can still reupload them even if you are not the author. We made this decision because it is now difficult to contact lots of authors of the otomads which have been deleted.
  • How I take part in this project?
    When you reupload the otomad,
  1. Keep the title of the video same with the original otomad.
  2. Two tags are required, first, “archive”, and then the number of the original otomad such as “sm×××” or “av×××”.
  3. Write the author’s name in the description of the otomad if you can.
  • Tell me the prize.
    5 users who upload the most otomads will get the mystrious prize.